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Mrs.So's XO Sause

Since 2009 Sing Wah Development Limited’s major business is in the production of condiments and sauces which are carried out in our specially designed kitchen and plant situated at Tuen Mun, New Territories under the supervision and control of a team of experienced staff. All products are sold under the registered brand name of “Mrs. So’s XO Sauce”.

The aim and goal of our company is to prepare varieties of condiments which are both tasty and easy to use. Some long forgotten traditional sauces are reintroduced and new sauces are prepared using special ingredients from afar. The sole objective is to encourage users of our products to enjoy the art of cooking and the dishes prepared will attract people to stay home for meals.

Until now, we have 4 categories:

XO Sauce Series

Classic Series

Vegetarian Series

Seasonal and Limited series

Mrs. So’s brand of products is now available in most prestigious supermarkets and in our two retail stores situated respectively in the Western District, Hong Kong Island and at Kowloon City.